Financial Services

Financial Services

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Industry Insights

The largest investments are in advanced historic analytics (66%) and advanced analytics to predict the future (28%)

Financial Service companies are investing in AI

53% have a 360-degree view of their customers

61% lack the real-time integration they need to have a full view of their customers


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Best of Dreamforce
Insight Selling with AI and Sales Cloud
How can you create new value from dark data? By combining Salesforce Einstein & IBM Watson, WisdomTree is using their data to know which prospects to target, and what products to offer them.
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Huntington Bank
Implementing An Agile Business Transformation To Cash In On Customer Referrals
Huntington Bank integrates 8,200 users on a unified system so that the entire company can have a holistic single-view of their customers.
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The Standard
Insurance Quoting That Doubles Proposal Activity
Bluewolf helped the Standard cut its quoting time from days to minutes. With accurate data readily available, the Sales Operations team can focus on large-scale risk-profile evaluations, instead of correcting routine quote errors.
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Berkshire Hathaway
Creating Concierge Service With An Insurance App
Bluewolf built an end-to-end policy administration system on the Salesforce1 platform, integrating Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection insurance policy data into Salesforce to generate policy quotes anytime, from anywhere in minutes.
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Enterprise Bank and Trust
Integrating Data Insights To Optimize Cross-Selling
Bluewolf built Enterprise Bank and Trust a financial management platform that doubled referrals in six months.


Financial services clients are omnichannel, mobile, and expect a personalized approach to their investments, banking, and insurance policies based on trust–that's earned, not presumed. Bluewolf's expertise ensures that you can deliver the experiences customers demand.


Financial services clients are omnichannel, mobile, and

Integrate IBM CIWM (Client Insights for Wealth Management) with Salesforce Einstein
Bluewolf AI Now™ for Financial Planning integrates MoneyGuidePro and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
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