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Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel looks to AI for customer experience
"We're seeing automatic chatbots through Facebook coming up, AI live agents... able to respond to 80 percent of enquiries without needing a human. I can see that really taking off in the next five years." —Rudi Khoury, GM of global sales, Fisher & Paykel
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Berkshire Hathaway
Reinventing Travel Insurance with a Custom App Built on Salesforce
Bluewolf built an app that delivers superior customer experience via a cloud-based personal concierge service that's integrated with SMS, social media, and traditional channels, like email and phone.
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Client Story
How to improve brand loyalty with Service Cloud
Fisher & Paykel partnered with Bluewolf to improve its customer experience. Integrating Service Cloud with field service software ClickWorkforce provided the company with a 360° view of its customers' profiles and post-purchase journey.
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Emerging Trends & Best practices
The State of Salesforce
See how the best service professionals are using Salesforce, now.
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Speeding Customer Response Times by 99% with IBM Watson
“With Watson, we’re now resolving automated cases as quickly as the customer can type it in.” —Greg Spratto, VP Operations, Autodesk
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Our Experts Deliver Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting that Aligns Your Business with Your Goals
See how we increased customer service ratings for 800% with Service Cloud system integration to deliver superior customer experiences at Vodafone.
Chatbot Use Cases
  • Patients and clients can schedule appointments in real-time via Facebook Messenger.
  • Resolve customer inquiries and escalate to a live agent for more personalized support with Watson Conversation Services and Watson Virtual Agent.
  • Enable self-service anytime via SMS, and automatically updates contact records with Watson LiveMessage.

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Enhance the way you engage with your customers
The key tenets of the best customer and employee experiences from a leader in the Service Industry
Drive innovation while enhancing the experiences of both your customers and agents
Deflect up to 30% of call volume in in your contact center
While the world of chatbots is broad in scope, some chatbots are greater than others. Find out why.
Core attributes of a chatbot that enhance the way you engage with your customers for improved business outcomes

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